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This is important …. there’s TOO much information to consume immediately. You’ll get lost. Everyone is different in terms of needs, where they’re starting from, their goals, and so on. So, I’m building this on a one-to-one basis utilizing a co-hort model. In other words, My Clean Pivot will drip information to you bit by bit, based on what we both feel can be used next in growing and scaling your business. For example, if you have the basics down, and you really want to focus on marketing, then let’s do it. Let’s dive deep into all aspects on marketing and grow your business.

Let’s get started with what will create the biggest impact on your cleaning business to give you the clear path towards your goal and remove the fear and frustration.

Email mark (at) mycleanpivot.com

Mark is a highly skilled mentor, providing access to informative materials and simple but effective business strategies. Honest and supportive, you can really feel that he cares about your success. Mark knows how to provide information in an easy to digest method while still getting the results you need.

– Ana Malone @Busy B Cleaning